We have been helping clients manage their investments for more than thirty years.  Over time the world has changed and so have investment solutions.  What has not changed is the approach that helps clients be successful.  We take several steps to help clients develop, implement and manage investment solutions that fit their needs and help them reach their goals. 
  1. We actively manage your investments
    We actively manage your investments
    The markets are constantly changing. Changing FED policy and economic shifts are just a small part of the factors that affect today's investments. We closely monitor today's markets to access risk and reward levels to make suitable changes in your portfolio on a timely basis.
  2. Portfolio Development
    Portfolio Development
    We begin by developing a portfolio that works for you. We use a tactical asset allocation strategy designed to fit your goals and tolerance for risk into a portfolio to help you reach your goals. We identify suitable investments and a strategy to manage those investments as market conditions change.
  3. Technology
    Technology is key to keeping up on today's investments. We use some of the best of today's technology to manage and monitor your investments on an on-going basis.
  4. We explain your progress in meaningful ways
    We explain your progress in meaningful ways
    We work hard to make sense of today's investments. The investment world is designed to confuse investors. Our goal is to answer your questions in a way that gives you the confidence that your financial plan will help you achieve your goals.
  5. The human touch
    The human touch
    One of our greatest attributes is that we personally monitor and manage your portfolio on a continuous basis. We don't invest your money and forget about you. We constantly review your accounts and tactically re-balance your holdings to keep you on track.
  6. Wealth Management Services
    Wealth Management Services
    Some of our clients need investment advice once in awhile, others need on-going investment management services. We offer both approaches to our clients.
  7. We work with all investment types
    We work with all investment types
    As a fee-only independent investment adviser we offer advice on a full range of investments and are not limited to give advice on what a company might sell. We recommend investments that we believe make sense for you, we are not motivated by sale commissions.
  8. Wealth Creation
    Wealth Creation
    Investing boils simply down to creating wealth. Its our job to help you create wealth and we take our job seriously. We wouldn't be here for thirty years if we didn't. We are here to help.